ATA – Height of the pillars

Were the pillars in the temple 18 cubits high (1 Kings 7:15) or 35 cubits high (2 Chronicles 3:15)? Is there a contradiction?

This contradiction is a carryover from last week. The questioner has set 1 Kings 7 and 2 Chronicles 3 at odds with one another, claiming that they dimensions do not match, and now that the pillars are different heights. There is a very good reason for the dimensions being different and the respective heights of the pillars being different. The texts are describing different structures. 2 Chronicles 3 is the temple (see 3:1, 3, 8, 10, 15, 17). However, the structure described in 1 Kings 7 is not the temple. It is one of Solomon’s houses (see 7:1, 2, 6, 7, 8). In 1 Kings 7:8, it specifically says Solomon dwelt in this house; and indicates it was similar to a hall made for Pharaoh’s daughter. Likewise, in verse 12, similarities are identified between the great court and the inner court of the house of God, but it remains that different structures are under discussion.

There is no contradiction.


A response to 1001 Bible Contradictions.

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