In Memory of John Hains

1958 – 2022

In 2 Samuel 1, David wrote “the Son of the Bow,” a lamentation for Saul and his son Jonathan who died in battle against the Philistines. David mourned the loss of these two great heroes of Israel. Saul and Jonathan were very different men, one a valiant and powerful king, yet unfaithful to the Lord; the other, David’s best friend, a kindred spirit, and most importantly, a faithful man of God. David eulogized these two important figures with the phrase, “How the mighty have fallen” (2 Samuel 1:19, 25, 27)

David’s statement was not an observation or comment concerning their spiritual condition—one was faithful to the Lord, the other was not. Neither was this recurring statement made to scorn or disparage them in death. Quite the contrary, he identified them as “…the beauty of Israel … beloved and pleasant in their lives … swifter than eagles … and stronger than lions.” His statement, “How the mighty have fallen,” was an acknowledgement of the great place they occupied among the people of Israel and the hole which their departure had left.

Friends, fellow members of the household of God and those who are citizens of Spiritual Israel—how the mighty have fallen! A great warrior for the cause of Christ has fallen asleep and a hole remains. For decades our brother John Hains had devoted his life to serving God and teaching lost souls to partake of the mercy and grace of God in Jesus Christ.  Who can tally or calculate the extent to which his work in the kingdom has affected souls for good? Only the Lord knows the impact John’s love and labour for Christ has had on souls in this world. To the glory of God—I suggest it has been immense. He was a willing instrument in the hand of our great God, always ready for any opportunity to shine forth the light of Christ to the Lord’s glory and the salvation of souls.

We had John as a guest speaker on two occasions through the years, first in 2009 and again in 2012. You can find links to his lessons on our web site in the “Events” section.

John’s most recent work was with the brethren in Smithville, Ontario. As his health declined and he was unable to assemble with the church, he continued to teach classes from his home. Beginning in April 2020, he began to record and post short messages on YouTube. His last lesson was posted in late January 2022.

John also worked with the churches in Jordan and Timmins, Ontario. He was instrumental in Shelly’s family hearing the truth of God’s word and coming to faith in Jesus Christ. For about a decade, he worked in the Dayton, Ohio area as well.

John leaves behind Lisa, his wife of 40 years, as well as his children Joel and Laura, and grandchildren Cate, Ava, Grace, Joshua, Cecilia, Myla, and Jacob. We sorrow for them and for the loss of companionship and fellowship for all who knew John in this life; and yet indeed, this mighty one in the faith, through death, has gone forward in the grace and mercy of Jesus to claim victory. He has fought the good fight, he has finished the race, he has kept the faith (2 Timothy 4:7).

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