Grow in faith using these online self-grading Bible lessons

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If you live in the Kingston area and would like to set up a private Bible class (in your home, our home, or at a local coffee shop), contact us (see contact info below). If you are not from the Kingston area, we will do our best to find a Bible teacher in your area who will teach only what the Bible teaches.

Below you will find self-grading Bible courses available on our site. We hope you will find them helpful as you study God’s word.

Rudd – 3 Lesson Coursequote_line

Copyright © Steve Rudd. Used by permission.

LESSON 1 – Are the Bible stories just myths? Does the Bible contain errors? Did Jesus Christ ever really live? Does the Bible contradict science?
LESSON 2 – If you were arrested for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you? Is Jesus really your Lord?
LESSON 3 – Are your feelings of salvation based upon the facts of the Bible? Could you be lost even though you feel saved? Is the church you attend the same one Christ died for? Why are all the churches divided?

Hall – 7 Lesson Coursequote_line

Copyright © Sewell Hall. Used by permisssion.

LESSON 1 – Jesus Christ Is The Way
LESSON 2 – Finding Jesus, The Way
LESSON 3 – Jesus, The Way To A Better Life
LESSON 4 – Jesus, The Way To Forgiveness
LESSON 5 – Jesus, The Way To God
LESSON 6 – Jesus The Way Out Of Religious Confusion
LESSON 7 – Jesus, The Way To Heaven

Sharp – 6 Lesson Coursequote_line

Copyright © Keith Sharp. Used by permission.

LESSON 1 – Lost
LESSON 2 – The Cost Of Discipleship
LESSON 3 – The Roman Road To Salvation
LESSON 4 – The One Baptism
LESSON 5 – The Church Jesus Built
LESSON 6 – Should I Be A Christian?

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