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Answer to James’ Melton’s, “The Bible VS the Church of Christ
James L. Melton (av1611.org) has published a length article seeking to “expose the false teachings” of the Church of Christ. Sadly, his article is filled with misinformation and misapplication of Scripture. Please read this response. It has been brought to my attention the original article has been removed from the av1611.org site. You can read Mr. Melton’s article here.

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Matthew 24 Series

Available on Kindle

An overview of the Bible story, arranged according to 17 periods of Bible history:- Creation (3 chapters)
– The Flood (1 chapter)
– Scatterings (1 chapter)
– Patriarchs (3 chapters)
– Exodus (11 chapters)
– Wilderness Wanderings (6 chapters)
– Conquest of Canaan (1 chapter)
– Judges (4 chapters)
– United Kingdom (5 chapters)
– Divided Kingdom (1 chapter)
– Judah Alone (1 chapter)
– Judah in Captivity (1 chapter)
– Judah Released (2 chapters)
– Years of Silence (1 chapter)
– Life of Christ (8 chapters)
– Early Church (3 chapters)
– Letters to Christians (5 chapters)A preview of the book from the Kindle store can be seen here.
This book looks at what the Bible says about marriage, and provides practical and godly principles to help our marriages be the best they can possibly be.Section 1 in the book looks at 13 Bible couples and draws from them lessons to help our marriages today. Section 2 gives 13 topical chapters, touching on items such as intimacy, responsibility, money, communication, children, romance, in-laws, arguments, and more.The material was initially used as the foundation for a 6 month interactive Bible class on marriage which had participants from newlyweds to a couple who have been married over 50 years. Regardless where you are in your relationship, this book will be a blessing to your marriage.A preview of the book from the Kindle store can be seen here.

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