First Century Christianity in the Twenty-First Century


We’re an assembly of Christians meeting together in Kingston, Ontario who enjoy regular Bible study and fellowship with one another. Our desire is to be a New Testament church, just like you can read about in the Bible. We have no source of religious authority except the Bible (God’s blueprint) for doctrine and practice, thus we use no creed, no catechism, no manual, etc.. God’s word is perfect, and thus we ought to obey what He has revealed. We cannot improve upon His pattern for salvation, worship and life.

We make it our aim to follow His plan in all things we do and encourage others to do the same, to the glory of God. If that appeals to you, then we look forward to seeing you. Click here to see a short invitation video.

come WORSHIP with us…

You are invited to come and worship with us. Here is a Google Map
to help you find your way to our meeting place. See you soon!

let’s STUDY…

William Stewart

In addition to our weekly Bible classes and worship, we also offer the opportunity for folks to set up private Bible classes throughout the week to look at Bible questions or topics of interest. If you’d be interested in doing so, contact us and we’d be glad to set up a time at a mutually agreeable location (ie. a coffee shop, the mall, etc.). Call 613.532.1420 or e-mail us at

join us at a MEETUP…

Our evangelist, William Stewart, is the organizer of two meetup groups in the Kingston area. The Kingston Bible Study meetup group has both in-person (local coffee shops) and online studies (via Google Meet). The TRAIL TALKS meetup group is an opportunity to get out in God’s creation on local trails and enjoy uplifting conversations with others. Click the images to check out these meetup groups.

See our calendar of events here.

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