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male & female

by William J. Stewart There’s been a lot of discussion about gender identity in recent years, but it is certainly not a new topic. Not long ago, it was commonly referred to as gender identity disorder or gender dysphoria, which … Continue reading

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A God of Patterns

by William J. Stewart When we consider the work of God, we can see time and time again that He uses and loves patterns. In every age, and for numerous causes, it can be seen through the Scriptures that God … Continue reading

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In The Beginning

William J. Stewart Moses wrote, “Inn the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” In the beginning. Fitting words with which to start the book of Genesis, which means “beginning” or “origin.” In the beginning. Moses confirms there was a … Continue reading

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The Faith Of An Atheist

William J. Stewart Some time ago, I had the opportunity to talk with a self-proclaimed Atheist. I found it to be a rather interesting conversation. He discussed several things which he found to be adequate evidence to discount the existence of … Continue reading

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