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The Alabaster Flask

by William J. Stewart Approaching Jerusalem in the final days of His life, Jesus stopped at Bethany. There, He was in the home of a man recorded as Simon the leper (Matthew 26:6; Mark 14:3). While at Simon’s house, a … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Abortion

William J. Stewart Some folks watch the Super Bowl for the game, others tune in for the commercials. Doritos has a history of clever and entertaining Super Bowl ads, and their spot for Super Bowl 50 did not disappoint (see the … Continue reading

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Wives, submit … in everything

William J. Stewart | Is That Really What It Means? For years, I’ve heard concern, even defiance from both non-Christian and Christian women to a particular Bible text. Their ages range from early 20s thru mid-70s. Some were single, some married, … Continue reading

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Christian Women

Mike Thomas | via Meditate On These Things, April 2014 I have a profound respect for Christian women who remain faithful to the Lord, even when they must do so on their own. These are the real heroes of life. If … Continue reading

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Decently And In Order

William J. Stewart In all things, we want our service before the Lord to be according to His will, not rooted in church tradition, popular culture or personal preference. This is true both in our personal lives as we endeavour … Continue reading

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Decision Making for the Work of the Church

William J. Stewart Each local congregation of God’s people is charged with the responsibility of engaging in the work of the Lord. There is a need for edifying teaching, effective outreach, dedicated benevolence, appropriate discipline, etc.. To properly address these … Continue reading

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…It is shameful for women to speak…

William Stewart In last week’s article, we focused on 1 Timothy 2:11-12. We discussed the fact that Paul’s command there is not an injunction forbidding women to speak while assembled with God’s people, but rather a discourse on the nature … Continue reading

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Women Speaking In Church

William Stewart Varying views exist among religious people on the nature of and measure to which a woman may speak amidst the assembly of God’s people. Some affirm that she may participate in leadership roles among God’s elect to the same … Continue reading

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