Christian Women

Mike Thomas | via Meditate On These Things, April 2014

I have a profound respect for Christian women who remain faithful to the Lord, even when they must do so on their own. These are the real heroes of life. If they have children at home, they bring them faithfully to every service. They are exhausted and tired, but they press on anyway because of their love for God and His will. These women have value and beauty that are beyond this world.

Most of us, myself included, would not be in the Lord without the work and influence of godly women. From my mother, to the women who helped convert her, to the women who encouraged us in the Lord, to the woman I married, to the women in her family, to the women we’ve worshiped with, to the women who have encouraged me in my preaching, to my daughter. On and on, I could testify to my indebtedness to godly women. You can do the same in your own life.

Many local churches would not have the growth or success they have were it not for the influence of godly women. The church at Philippi began with the conversion of Lydia (Acts 16:13-15), whose example promoted the gospel in that community (v 40). The same is true of Timothy’s mother and grandmother. Their unfeigned faith had a saving influence on the man who would become Paul’s loyal assistant (Philippians 2:20-21; 2 Timothy 1:5). These women did not stand in a pulpit to preach or serve as bishops of congregations, since these works are contrary to God’s will (1 Timothy 2:11-12; 3:1), but they still promoted the spread of the gospel in how they lived, and in what they said (Proverbs 31:26). Women like this are invaluable to the work of the church (Romans 16:1-2). May we as Christians always be mindful and appreciative of their contribution.

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